The Battle of Apple Blossom Bough

Pheonix Likely

We chose to build in that area because that’s where our ancestors had lived many generations ago. We worked together building a massive home where we would commune together. All of us had our roles and we knew them instinctively. We never intended to do any others in the area harm when we set down roots. Live and let live as your Paul McCartney once sang. Our structure was massive, leaving room for all of us to live together but modest in both design and in the sense that the amount of area we took up would go virtually unnoticed for some time. Our requirements of the land were little.

There was no way we were leaving earth without serious consequences for the planet. If we didn’t flourish here, humans wouldn’t either.

I was happy to be in a new home and excited to settle in and have children with the most beautiful female on the planet. It’s true she had a history and offspring from more than one previous union but our culture doesn’t view sexual practices and relationships with the same kind of moral judgment as yours. All I know is that wherever she went I was going to follow her. There was something magical about being around her. Everyone thought so.
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